Elemental Motion

A Movement Studio of Magical Possibilities


Sue Kruszewski is a formally trained teacher, yoga therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and founder of Elemental Motion.  


She is recognized for her intuitive ability to help people get out of pain, improve their function and help them find connection.  She does this thorough a variety of focused movement, awareness practices and her keen intuitive abilities. 


She offers support for chronic and acute illnesses, and conditions ranging from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. 

She supports anyone experiencing:

- anxiety & panic issues,


- autoimmune conditions,

- joint/arthritis conditions,

- conditions attributed to 'getting older'

- stress and stress management,

- shoulder, neck, arm and hand issues,

- hip, spine, leg, knee and foot issues, 

- balance issues,

- MVA injuries, 

- concussion,

- fibromyalgia

- and much more. 


Her work is highly individualized, unconventional, sometimes a little bizarre, magical and highly effective in helping reduce pain, improve function, integrate body, mind and spirit, and live with more freedom and joy.

Find out what possibilities await you. Reach out to Sue hereYou’ll be amazed at what is possible.


Elemental Motion

A Movement Studio of Magical Possibilities


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