The Sacred Fire Ceremony for Release

Indoor/Simple Version

A fire ceremony is a powerful Indigenous practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions, energies and creations. A fire ceremony can be used to release negative memories or emotions, fears, and anything that you are fholding on to that doesn’t serve you. By releasing these unwanted energies and old patterns into the fire, you are healing at the soul level.

I like to do a fire ceremony during the change of seasons (solstice, equinox), at each Full Moon, and New Moon. I also begin the New Year with a fire ceremony. A fire ceremony can also be performed any time you are feeling stuck, when you want to create something new, or need to shift energy that you are experiencing.

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Take a few moments and gather these items in preparation for your fire ceremony. If you have an indoor fireplace, you can adjust the size of the items below (instead ion a toothpick, use a small stick, for example). Use your judgement accordingly. For a fire ceremony using a candle, gather:

  • 1 small piece of paper (I usually use a small sticky note)
  • a pen
  • candle and lighter or matches
  • 2 toothpicks
  • large base for candle to catch anything that you will be burning (this will be a small fire)
  • incense, if you like
  • any special items that you would like on / around your candle, on an altar; these could be favourite crystals or stones, malas, jewelry, a journal, or whatever you would treasure beside you for this ceremony

1. Set up - Now that you have your items, take some time, with intention, and set up a beautiful and comfortable space where you can set up your candle for your fire ceremony. Make sure to have a large plate under your candle (for safety). Have a comfortable place to sit for this ceremony. Place your objects around the candle in any way that appeals to you. The important piece is the intention behind your arrangement and your pure intention for this ceremony.

2. Preparing the Spirit Arrow or Death Arrow - a stick (toothpick for the indoor ceremony) that represents an issue(s) or something(s) you want to let go of. Connect. Take a few breaths to become centred and grounded. Come in to this sacred time and space that you have created. Connect with your heart and ask: What do I need to release? What doesn’t serve me anymore? What am I holding that I would like to let go of? Write one or all of these down on one small sticky note. Feel them as you write them down. This is important. When you are complete, blow each issue into your Spirit Arrow / Death Arrow (toothpick). Wrap the little stick note around your toothpick.

3. Open Sacred Space - (Open your Wiracocha, 8th chakra around you) - Open your 8th chakra: reach up above your head into the beautiful charka and feel the beautiful ball or mass above your head that is Divine Light and Source Energy. Then gently bring that Light down around you, encompassing you completely on all sides, above and below you. Feel it. Feel the safe, secure, pure space that you are being held in with your beautiful Wiracocha around you.

4. Prepare the Fire - Light the candle. Gaze into the Light for a few moments. Reconnect with your intention for this fire ceremony.

5. Offering to the Fire - Be with your fire now and put your offering of this Spirit Arrow in to the fire. As this Sprite Arrow burns with the things you want to release, pass your hands briefly through the fire, drawing the energy of transformation into your belly, then into your heart and then once more to the forehead. You can touch it lightly or go deeply in to the flame (being safe), as a way to focus attention and energy upon your transformation.

6. Pause and Breathe - Stay here as long as you like, taking in the energy of transformation that this fire has brought you.

7. Contemplate or Meditate - If you like, you can do a meditation to connect to the elements, to the ancestors or to whatever supports you in this release.

8. Close Sacred Space - Stretch your arms out to the sides, imagining you are picking up the bottom edges of your Wiracocha, and slowly and gently bringing it back up to above your head. Then gently, as you bring your hands down in front of you, bring a little bit of the Divine Source Energy down to give each of your own chakras some of this energy. After your hands pass over your root chakra, send some of this down to Mother Earth also, with gratitude.

9. Put the Fire Out - Thank the fire and put it out, giving gratitude to the Divine and to the spirits of the elements: earth, wind, fire, and air and to any ancestors, or Beings who have joined you.

There is a 2-week period following a fire ceremony in which ‘instances of opportunity’ appear. These ‘instances’ provide the opportunity to translate your intent for healing into reality. Think of the fire ceremony not as an instantaneous magical change but rather, the beginning of a healing process or journey. Seize the opportunity to change your behaviour in the real world. Let the Universe take care of the details.

Don’t worry about doing it perfect, it is the intention that matters. Let your intuition and pure intention guide you.

Enjoy! And reach out if you have any questions.

Adapted and used with permission and encouragement from my teachers and the Four Winds Society.

Make Your Own Spirit Water

Spirit Water, or commercial ‘Florida Water’, is used in all kinds of spiritual activities - from cleansing, blessing, and protecting, to offerings for the ancestors, to healing and removing negativity.

There are hundreds of recipes for Florida (floral) water, or Spirit Water on the internet.

Based on the herbs or florals you use, your Spirit Water can range in color from light to darker browns. Be careful if you are spraying yourself (clearing / blessing) with darker coloured water as it may stain clothes.

I make my own Spirit Water and each batch is slightly different because I use whatever aromatic flowers and herbs are freshly available at the time. Spirit Water is often made with alcohol which adds to its cooling effect and aids its preservation. When made with alcohol, it keeps for years.

Click to download a printable copy of this ceremony.

Spirit Water Recipe

1/2 cup dried sage
1/2 cup dried cedar
1/2 cup dried sweetgrass
1/2 cup dried lavender
6 cups good quality vodka

Spiritually gather your herbs in a sacred way and with the intention you wish to add: for cleansing, for protection, for blessing ...

Place all ingredients in a lidded glass jar and let sit at room temperature for 14 days (one 1/2 moon cycle).

Place a paper towel in a mesh strainer and strain out the liquid from the herbs into a clear container with a lid.

It keeps for years.

Adapted and used with permission and encouragement from my teachers and the Four Winds Society.

Uses for your Spirit Water:

  • clearing out stale or dense energy from a room - spray in each corner of the room
  • spray yourself to clear your own energy or to bring freshness to your energetic field
  • spray as you send blessings to Mother Earth
  • use it when you open Sacred Space in any way that feels supportive for you
  • any other way that supports you

Here are some of the properties of different herbs that you may like to add to your Spirit Water:

  • Sage - cleansing, redemption, wisdom, good luck, home blessing, prosperity, longevity
  • Cedar - cleansing, healing, protection, dedication of sacred spaces, connects to the spiritual and divine, strengthens and illuminates focus
  • Sweetgrass - purifies thoughts and the environment; helps eliminate negative thoughts; provides healing, peace; aids connection to spirituality
  • Rosemary - cleansing, protection, strength, virtue
  • Lavender - opens us up to spiritual healing; heals, calms, purifies; beautifully fragrant
  • Rose - raises divinatory energies; unveils mysteries; provides protection; aids in matters of truth and things of beauty


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