An Introduction to the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located in the center of your belly, just above your navel. It is associated with intellect and personal power. This powerful energy center helps to assimilate information and digest ideas that can be applied to your life. The solar plexus also facilitates letting go of what no longer serves you, allowing you  to take control of your life and open up to new possibilities.

Physically, it is connected to the digestive system, which helps us process food that nourishes our bodies. When this chakra is out of balance, symptoms can range from digestive issues such as stomachaches or nausea to feeling overwhelmed or weak in the face of challenging situations.

Balancing the solar plexus chakra can help you to feel more grounded and empowered.  This can be achieved through movement, meditation, and other physical practices in the Mind, Body, Spirit Blueprint to Wholeness and Healing online program.  Connecting with the solar plexus chakra can help you to feel more in tune with your body, making it easier to recognize and honour its needs.

By nurturing this powerful energy center, you can access a new level of personal power and become more confident in facing life’s obstacles. The solar plexus chakra  helps to guide you on your path, allowing you to create the life that you desire. Connecting with this chakra can help you feel more balanced and empowered in any situation.