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Most of us came into this life designed for optimum living, function, and vitality. 


We arrived whole - body, mind, and spirit. 


Then...life happened.

It manifested differently for each of us, but the result was the same: We lost our connection with our natural design and our ability to function optimally. 

My life’s work is to help you return your body to optimal function and vitality. My process is integrative, combining my formal training as a teacher and yoga therapist with additional training in Reiki and many other modalities, and with my lived experience and keen intuition.  

Using a wide range of focused movements and awareness, as well as breath and energy practices, we retrain your body, mind, spirit to work together -- the way we were designed to be in the first place. When we improve the way our limbs and parts are in relationship to each other, we heal. The symptoms you experience can give way to more energy, mobility, and vitality. We enjoy a fuller life.


I know this because I have seen it happen time and time again.


I am Sue and this is Elemental Motion.


Sue Kruszewski is the founder of Elemental Motion.  

She is recognized for her ability to help people get out of pain, improve their function, and help them find connection. She does this through a variety of focused movements, awareness practices, and intuition. 

The programming at Elemental Motion offers support for chronic and acute illnesses, and for conditions ranging from physical to mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Sue has supported individuals experiencing:


















Sue’s work is highly individualized, unconventional, magical, and highly effective in helping reduce pain, improve function, integrate body/mind/spirit, and live with more freedom and joy. Reach out and be amazed at what is possible.

- anxiety & panic issues,


- autoimmune conditions,

- joint/arthritis conditions,

- conditions attributed to aging,

- stress,

- back and spinal issues,

- head, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand issues,

- hip, leg, knee, and foot issues, 

- balance issues,

- motor vehicle accident injuries, 

- concussion,

- fibromyalgia,

- and much more.

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     "I started working with Sue about three months ago to see if she could help me with pain associated with osteoarthritis in my hip.  I am a 62 year old active male.  When I was diagnosed, and the pain kept increasing, I had to stop a number of exercises and workouts I loved.  I walked with a pronounced limp and sitting for any length of time was uncomfortable.   I assumed I’d be a candidate relatively soon for hip replacement surgery .  

     During my initial assessment, Sue was very confident she could help. While committed to following her advice, to be honest I was a bit skeptical.  She took me through a series of fairly simple movements and exercises and  I wondered how this would help me.  Since then, she has taught me a range of routines and movements.

     Three months later, I can say unequivocally, and I have no doubt, I am almost pain free, my quality of life has improved significantly.  In fact, my doctor has scheduled me for a cortisone shot and I am seriously considering cancelling my appointment because I have very little irritation. I don’t know if I even need the shot now.  I’m not back to running *yet*, but I am able to do many of the things I love to do, and most importantly I’m not in pain.

     I highly recommend Sue: she knows her stuff and I completely trust her.  If you have a mobility issue, aches or pains, or want to get centred or balanced, please see Sue.  You won’t be disappointed!"

When I first came to see Sue, I was rarely able to walk down stairs normally. It was a slow process with both feet having to be on the same step before I could move one foot to the next. The hip pain and discomfort often kept me awake during the night. Taking Advil was becoming a more than once daily necessity. I knew I had to change something. Weekly chiropractor trips were helping but didn’t last more than a day or two. I needed something more. Walking helped but I often couldn’t go for a walk because of the hip pain/discomfort. 


Our homeopathic Doctor had shared Sue’s contact info with my husband and it sat on his desk for over a year. We finally decided that we would to try a private session. We went together for the first 3 private sessions and couldn’t believe the difference we both felt. Sue was kind, caring and genuinely cared about our individual issues. She provided us both with our own unique plan to follow at home. My hips were moving and less painful after only 2 sessions and following Sue’s instructions at home. I joined the group classes after a couple months to learn even more. I was amazed at the stories others shared about their journey to wellness with Sue’s help and knew I was on the right path.


Fast forward to today. We just came back from vacation. A road trip of long periods of sitting in the car. This use to be the trigger for hip pain. Not this trip! I was able to get out of the car and walk normally most of the trip. When I did step out of the car in stiffness I knew exactly what to do to adjust my body and be out of pain in only a moment or two. We had a very active week of walking 13,000 plus steps per day and a beautiful kayaking trip of paddling for 3 hours ....no back pain afterwards and I was able to get in and out of the kayak without assistance from my family, yay!!!


Movement with Sue ... is medicine!!!


See What Possibilities Await You

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