There's magic beneath the pain that's boxing you in.

Let's reimagine pain as your invitation to true healing!

Can you feel it?

Your body is speaking to you!

When we lose trust in our bodies - in our health - there's an acute loss of freedom.

We feel limited in our lives and ability to experience everything we love.

We feel scared of never getting back to normal.

When you take inventory on the effects of pain on your quality of life, it's hard to see beyond them to brighter times.

But your pain is not a mistake, dear seeker. It's simply a puzzle to be solved. It CAN be temporary.

And it can also be the catalyst to your healthiest, freest, most magical self yet.


Let's get you beyond "back to normal."

Because you've accomplished a lot, you've been through a lot, you've cared for so much and so many, and now ...

YOU are the adventure!

Delightfully Pain-Free Days.

Start a movement practice to release pain and rejuvenate your body on all levels so you can rekindle your joy for being active and alive!

Calm the Emotional Storm.

Scientifically release anxiety, soothe your nervous system, and learn to move through difficult emotional states with ease.

Get to the Root of Your Pain.

Befriend your body as the doorway to identify and release the barriers and root causes holding you back from full health and being the truest YOU.

Because ... Pain. You're over it, right?

You're ready for a new outcome.

This is for the brave woman who wants to - "YES!" - finally heal her pain!

You've tried everything else with limited or no success.
You've done what you can to work your life around the pain.
You've tried to get answers to understand your pain and to try and manage it.
But you still feel boxed in.

... it's like there's something missing in your healing.

Intuitively, you feel that you are not 'just getting old'. You suspect that the pain comes from something deeper, and so the healing must, too.

You're open, curious, and ready to reconnect to yourself and all of your own wisdom within.


You're ready to befriend your body, learn from the pain, and break through to your freest and healthiest life yet.

And you're seeking a knowledgeable, experienced, and certified guide to walk you through it.


Hi, I'm Sue!

A healing advocate and guide. Teacher. Intuitive. Creative and Playful Explorer.

When you haven't been getting meaningful answers from other healthcare providers, we work with nature's supporting forces and elements (of which you are made!) to create lasting healing across all levels of your body - physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual - right at the source of the pain or dis-ease.

Pain doesn't just have to be your life now!

This is holistic healing.

This is what works.

- Sue Kruszewski
Nature Lover. Hiker. Forest Walker.
Mushroom Gatherer. Mom of Many.


We are much more than our physical bodies.

So why not work with much more?

When you desire to heal, it's worth discovering the true source of the pain that's limiting you. The root cause is very rarely what it appears to be on the surface.

Chronic conditions (including chronic body pain, tension, anxiety and depression) are almost always a result of more than just the physical - they intersect our physical, emotional, energetic, and mental bodies.

They come from stored emotion, trauma, or pain that can carry back all the way to our childhood.

And they will keep speaking up (through our pain) until we do the work to free them up so that our bodies can experience lightness, flow, and easeful movement once again.

You are truly Made of Magic.

Here's a great truth I've learned after 30 years of guiding clients and students through the healing journey:

We express ourselves to heal. And we heal to express ourselves.

If you're experiencing pain, it's pointing you to the ways you're not feeling free or fully expressed in your life. It's an invitation to the most transformational journey you'll ever walk. And your physical body is just the doorway.


Partner With Sue

Healing happens in a safe space -- either in person or remotely -- with a gentle, intuitive approach to help you ease, explore, and express.

  1. Healing means going deeper and deeper into yourself with a gentle and persistent practice of calming and EASING the pain, anxiety, and nervous system so you're open and ready to listen to your body.
  2. Then, intuitively and curiously, through guided movement, you'll lean into your body's invitation to EXPLORE what's truthfully going on within. Your body is teaching you where you're craving freedom from the "boxes" you've been living in.
  3. Finally, with my unwavering support, you will bravely break beyond those boxes and create motion where you've been stuck. You'll leave the pain behind as you EXPRESS yourself fully and evolve into a truer version of you.

The healing happens most in the expression!


You're Ready for the Good Stuff!

Imagine how it would feel to let go of the boxes stopping you from fully expressing yourself with freedom and ease and to feel AMAZING in your body because of it!
Imagine age is not a limiting factor - that life just gets better into your 40s, 50s, and beyond.
That, instead of remaining stuck or sliding backwards, you continue to move more because movement is expression and one of life's greatest joys.
If you're ready to explore, I'm ready to take you there. Let's co-create some magic together!
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Certified Yoga Therapist
RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

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