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We focus on movement-based and energy-based approaches to bring balance, ease and calm to the whole body, helping integrate body, mind and spirit.

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Meet the Teacher

Sue is recognized for her ability to help people get out of pain and improve their function. She offers support and solutions for chronic and acute illnesses and conditions.

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Our Classes

Our unique classs offerings include Therapeutic Movement and Move More Classes, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Yin Yoga, and Movement Workshops.

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Get information on pricing for our Initial Consultation, Movement Classes & Sessions, Energyy Sessions and custom combination programs and packages.

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During Physical Distancing

Virtual Sessions Available

While physical distancing precautions are in effect, the studio is closed for in-studio classes. I am, however, open for online movement and energy sessions. Online sessions are equally as effective as in-studio sessions. During this time, I invite you to reach out if you need support. My prices are listed on this website, and I will also accept ‘pay what you can’. Reach out to me and let’s have a conversation.

  • Private Movement sessions are facilitated with Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Group Movement classes are handled over Zoom or FaceTime,
  • Energy sessions are conducted over the phone or FaceTime.

Stretching Redefined

Resistance stretching is a way of improving your usable range of motion by actively lengthening a muscle eccentrically. You'll be amazed at how wonderful this feels. Increase your range of motion, improve your mobility and experience your muscles in a new, safe and magical way using the principles of resisted stretching. It’s not 'just stretching’!

Join me for a 2 hour online workshop, through Zoom. $35 + gst

Workshop rescheduled - new date to be determined.

This workshop will be a blend of why and how it works, and practices you can continue to do at home as resisted self-stretches. Allow 2 hours. It may include a short class and wrap up with relaxation to integrate, depending on the flow of the class and the needs of the group.


What Makes Us Different

Private Sessions

Private sessions with Sue offer you a very personalized experience and support that is aligned with your individual circumstances and goals.

Group Classes

Small group classes are offered daily Monday through Friday. These 75 minute classes offer an intuitive and individualized adventure in discovering more about you.

Energy Sessions

When nothing else has worked, our powerful energy sessions can support clients on their healing paths, and inspire lasting change.

Who We Are

Elemental Motion Movement Studio

Most of us came into this life designed for optimum living, function, and vitality.

We arrived whole - body, mind, and spirit.

And then ... life happened.

It manifested differently for each of us, but the result was the same: We lost our connection with our natural design and our ability to function optimally.

My life’s work is to help you return your body to optimal function and vitality. My process is integrative, combining my formal training as a teacher and yoga therapist with additional training in Reiki and many other modalities, and with my lived experience and keen intuition.

Using a wide range of focused movements and awareness, as well as breath and energy practices, we retrain your body, mind, spirit to work together -- the way we were designed to be in the first place. When we improve the way our limbs and parts are in relationship to each other, we heal. The symptoms you experience can give way to more energy, mobility, and vitality. We enjoy a fuller life.

I know this because I have seen it happen time and time again.

I am Sue and this is Elemental Motion.

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